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S Crear Corporation
President Jun Kikyo
Established in June 8, 2022

Main business

• Development and acquisition of intellectual property rights for properties of cultural value

• Planning and producing manga, anime, games, media art and characters, including business aspects such as merchandising, NFT, event exhibitions and advertising

• Producing art seminars, lectures and other cultural events

• Import and export of art and character-related products and services

Office and Studio

S Crear Corporation
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S Crear

Sugoi Crear
Surprised, Super, Superb + Create

We are moving from Web1 and Web2, the protagonists of megacorporations, to the more decentralized and democratic Web3 era.

S Crear Corporation would like to play a role in connecting the diverse values created by creators to society.

We will plan and produce varied and interdisciplinary properties for Japan's strong manga, anime, game, and media art globally.
Thank you.

S Crear Corporation
Jun Kikyo

S Crear

President's profile

S Crear Corporation
Jun Kikyo

He graduated from Waseda University, Japan.
Faculty of Political Science and Economics,
Major in Political Science.

He joined the NEC Corporation in April 1980.
In October 1995, he participated in establishing NEC Interchannel Co., Ltd., which separated and integrated the software-related divisions of the NEC Group. He was the general manager of the sales department.

2000: General management of the edutainment business of NEC Interchannel Co., Ltd.

2003: TV TOKYO Broadband Co., Ltd.
(Current: TV TOKYO Communications Corporation)
Managing director in charge of character digital content business such as Snoopy and Miffy.
December 12, 2005, listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers.
Since 2014, he has been the general producer.
Globally licensing for "Kanahei's Small animals" and striving for high-target branding.
Received the 2016 Character Brand Award Licensing Agency Award.
Since 2014, he has been the director of the Character Brand License Association (abbreviated as CBLA).
One of the founders of CBLA, he established the development of the industry through research, study sessions, and educational support activities for a brand and started the character licensing business with industry volunteers.

S crear


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